Vertical Thermo-oil Heater

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    • Type:Fire Tube,Other,Special Fuel,Wasted Heat,Water Tube

    Key Features


    Type NO. HY-TH 016
    Mean Capacity kcaI/hr 13800
    Design Pressure 7 kg/cm²
    Max. working temperature

    300°C / 608°F  (350° On request)

    Burner Using Fuel ELECTRIC
    Fuel consumption  degree/hr  16°
    Circulation Pump Motor Capacity     HP 2HP
    Flow rate          M³/hr 18
    Outlet & inlet pipe     inch 1"
    Power Source              KW 17.5KW
    Thermo-oil Volume    L 25L
    Approximate Weight   KG 100kg
    Boiler Size                 mm L    ×     W ×   H 825 × 1360 × 1750 (mm)

    Horng Ying Thermo-oil Heater Applications :

    1. Textile industry : Stenter, tensionless dryers, coating machine, screen printing machine, painting bath, washing machine, dyeing machine, drying roller.
    2. Plastic industry : Calendars, leather foaming machine, synthetic leather making machine, laminating machine, coating machine, latex gloves, polymerization lines and extruders, hot presses, EVA, PVC, bakelite & rubber vulcanizes, printing machine.
    3. Wood industry : For chip plate presses, coating presses, plywood and veneer presses.
    4. Petrochemical industry : Autoclaves, polymer, reaction tanks, synthetic fiber, agitators, resin reactor, production of plastic materials.
    5. Building industry : Cement, plaster, reaction tanks, synthetic fiber, agitators, resin reactor, production of plastic materials.
    6. Paper & cardboard industry : Drying chambers, drying cylinders, drying chamber, non-carbon paper coating machine.
    7. Food industry : Canned food lines, baking ovens, large scale kitchens, pasteurizing lines, drying plants.
    8. Electric industry : Multilayer PC board hot presses, coating & laminating machine, glass fabric treater, condenser oven, bakelite and cable vulcanizes.
    9. Other industry : Metal plating lines, painting works, sterilization in hospital, swimming pool and ship...etc.